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The One Shot On Cinco de Mayo

I got my first taste of a Cinco de Mayo celebration WITH Lucha Libre wrestling this past Saturday and let me tell you, it was pretty fun. BUT I do have one complaint, there were […]

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The USS Stennis Returns From War Zone And Smooches Fill The Pier

After a few weeks of beyond crazy local news consisting of death and destruction and a whole lot of visually uninteresting photo assignments, it was so very nice to cover the homecoming of the USS […]

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My Favorite Hipstamatic Pics of 2011

With the purchase of an iPhone during the summer of this past year and then with the purchasing of the Hipstamatic App, well it’s safe to say I became a bit addicted to shooting “Hipsty” […]

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One Half of a Seahawks Game

Being as I had never shot an NFL game before, my co-photographer Larry was kind enough to take me to the Seahawks vs. Cardinals game to show me the “ropes” recently. Now most people think […]

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The One With A Bunch of Cowboy Hats

I miss a few things about working in Utah and one of the things I miss is the multitude of rodeos to cover every spring, summer and fall. Here in Kitsap we get one weekend […]

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A Quick Trip To Rialto Beach

I made my way to Olympic National Park’s Rialto Beach today for a quick day trip of a little beach wandering and a lot of marveling at the giant waves and surfers. Here are a […]

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(Insert “Clever” Blog Post Headline HERE)

(Insert same old apologies and feigned surprise at not posting enough to this blog HERE) (Then ramble on a bit about how words are just annoying and how you are refusing to post cutlines with […]

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My First Pacific Northwest Whale Sighting (Poor Little Fella)

I was heading into work one morning last week when I got a call about a beached whale. I flipped a fantastic U-y (I don’t want to brag but I am awesome and well skilled […]

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The One About the Ladybug and MSNBC

I thought I should maybe let everyone in on a little secret. Okay so the photo of the ladybug that MSNBC is currently featuring in their “Week In Pictures” contest (the photo that is currently […]

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When The Brewery Isn’t Brewing

As luck (or un-luck if you will) would have it, when I visited the small home Slippery Pig Brewery last week for an assignment on local beer brewing there wasn’t any brewing taking place. No […]

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